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High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Both of these concepts are essential to the continued safe and assured operation of the enterprise data center. A major provider of third party High Availability solutions, Vision Solutions, defines software HA solutions as those designed to protect data, minimize downtime and maximize resources for the modern data center. This traditional type of HA solution has existed for 20 years in the IBM Power Systems – iSeries – AS/400 family.


IBM provides FlashCopyTM functionality to duplicate large amounts of data and objects on IBM Storwize family. Focal Point’s DR FlashCopy Solution provides a reference architecture that brings together the business benefits of HA for IBM i users in a bundled solution consisting of managed service incorporating hardware, software and specialized services.

Logical Replication with DR FlashCopy in an IBM i Environment

Logical Replication is the basis of any High Availability software product. It is also referred to as traditional mirroring. This scenario shows three separate customers on three separate servers/LPARs mirroring data to the IBM i Target Server. The Target Server is attached to an IBM Storwize external disk storage system (V3700, V5000 or V7000). During the mirroring process, the HA software replicates data (logical groups) from the Source Server to the Target Server connected to the Storwize family. Any missing objects not selected in the replication process will be missing in the Target data groups or volumes. DR FlashCopy flashes the contents of CUST1 Target (volume 1) to CUST1 DR FlashCopy.

This scenario has several benefits:

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