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In today’s ultra connected world data is easily acquired, shared and potentially misused. Privacy and data protection has become a major concern for every member of the IT world, its users and customers. IBM Power Systems have always been considered one of the most secure hardware platforms. But the simple truth is no hardware platform is impenetrable. All too often IBM i security projects are delayed or cancelled because it’s assumed the server is already secure or the security professionals aren’t familiar with the IBM i and in some cases don’t know how to assess the system properly. Information technology professionals know the questions that need to be answered regarding security:

Surprising the number of companies achieving high marks for these questions is very low.

The IBM i has a number of security exposures and configuration practices that make it vulnerable. Studies have shown that all organizations could improve the Information Technology controls on their Power Servers.

Areas of concern include powerful user profiles, user and password management, data access, network access control, system auditing and system security values Our team of security professionals are experts on System i platform, i5OS and many third party software solutions. In addition to skills honed in IBM development labs, our consultants bring experience from hundreds of worldwide engagements, development to implementation.

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